Nissco Welcomes New Vendor: American Dish Service

Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group is pleased to welcome American Dish Service as a vendor partner.

American Dish Service pioneered the first chemical sanitizing machines. ADS' line includes double tanks, undercounters, glasswashers, conveyors, high temp, tables, water softeners, and low level alarms. All machines are built solely by ADS under one roof, and they pride themselves on their high-touch customer service.


To learn more about American Dish Service, please visit their website.


Nissco Welcomes New Vendor: Sterno Products

Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group is pleased to welcome Sterno Products as a vendor partner.

Sterno Products has pioneered the development and production of portable food-warming products for nearly every moment of the American experience. Sterno continues to expand into product lines such as table lighting, butane stoves, catering products, insulated food carriers and more.


To learn more about Sterno Products, please visit their website.


Nissco Welcomes New Vendor: Seat Peeps

Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group is pleased to welcome Seat Peeps as a vendor partner.


SeatPeeps creates barriers in foodservice establishments to easily provide social distancing between customers. This unique solution, created by a foodservice industry professional, enables foodservice operators to reopen to capacity as quickly and safely as possible during these unprecedented times.


To learn more about Seat Peeps, please visit their website.


Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group and National Equipment & Supply Association (NESA) Announce Strategic Acquisition


DENVER – July 1, 2020 – The Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group (“Nissco”) and National Equipment & Supply Association (“NESA”), a subsidiary of UniPro Foodservice, Inc., today announced Nissco’s strategic acquisition of NESA. Now united, Nissco looks to be a market leader supporting foodservice equipment and supplies dealers and distributors.                                                                  

This strategic acquisition is a milestone in both companies’ prosperous histories, as well as in the buying group marketplace. The vision for this acquisition is to create more opportunities for Members and Suppliers to thrive. It also allows both entities to share best practices, utilize greater economies of scale, and realize administrative efficiencies.

“We’ve never been better prepared to do what it takes to support the foodservice equipment and supplies marketplace,” said Randy Brunschwig, CEO of Nissco. “This acquisition moves us forward in achieving our long-term vision to be the leading network of buying groups for foodservice equipment and supplies industry participants.”

“We’re thrilled that this transaction provides an expanded equipment and supplies offering to the NESA Members, as well as the required resources in sales, marketing and training in order to successfully grow the category,” said Bob Stewart, CEO of UniPro. “The offerings of our two companies complement one another; this acquisition is a natural yet focused alignment of our combined equipment and supplies strategies.”

The unification will provide all Members access to more comprehensive programs that cater to their individual business and industry-specific needs. In addition to the combined buying power, Members will benefit from a myriad of training programs and unique processes, designed to increase the share of wallet with the collective Membership. 

“Nissco and NESA have long aspired to be leaders in their respective markets. This union is a proactive step forward in leading the equipment and supplies market as opposed to reacting to market conditions,” stated Brunschwig. “We are confident that our standing is solid, and over time, our Members will continue to experience best-in-class initiatives and innovation. As a result, we will also deliver more value to our Supplier partners. Simply put, Nissco and NESA are Stronger Together.”

Logistically, the two companies’ Member-facing operations will merge into one operating entity under current Nissco leadership; with NESA managers remaining at UniPro working solely on behalf of the UniPro Foodservice/Nissco Members to grow sales in the foodservice equipment and supplies category. 

The newly merged buying groups will become part of a larger network, which also consists of the Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network. Excell will continue to maintain separate Member-facing operations. However, volumes will continue to be leveraged across the collective to maximize Supplier programs and Member profitability.



About the Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group and Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network |

The Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group and Excell Foodservice Equipment Dealer Network, based in Denver, are leaders in the nationwide network of food service equipment Members and Suppliers. Members' success is a result of forward-thinking planning, strong management, a focus on relationships and networking, trailblazing technological solutions, unparalleled service offerings, and robust programs to promote rapid growth with our Suppliers.


About National Equipment & Supply Association

Acquired in 2002 by UniPro through the merger of Premier Foodservice, NESA was a leading Member-owned equipment and supplies cooperative of 400 distributors. These distributors were aligned with 75 NESA suppliers that are well-recognized names in the industry.

Nissco Welcomes New Vendor: Globe Food Equipment

Nissco Restaurant Dealer Group is pleased to welcome Globe Food Equipment as a vendor partner.


With a focus on quality, performance, value and service, Globe offers best-in-class slicers, mixers and scales and a competitive array of distinctive food service equipment. Their solutions and award-winning customer support for end-users from pizza operators to delicatessens and chefs around the world allow them to maintain a position of leadership in the foodservice equipment industry.


To learn more about Globe Food Equipment, please visit their website.


COVID-19: A Letter from our President


March 17, 2020

During these difficult times, Nissco remains committed to our dealer and vendor partners.

Our President, Randy Brunschwig, shared a personal note with our community partners.

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